What is monero.cx?

monero.cx is a very simple site. You send in BTC, you get XMR. You send in XMR, you get BTC.

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Why should I use monero.cx?

Low fees

We charge a 4% fee on exchanges, making us one of the most affordable ways to get Monero. Compared to the high markup of sites like LocalMonero.co, a 4% conversion fee is a great deal to get the most secure cryptocurrency around.

No KYC, ever

We don't collect any KYC information from customers, and we never will. If we're ever required to, we'll simply shut down rather than comply.

No Javascript

Javascript can be used for browser fingerprinting, drive-by attacks, and all sorts of other nasty behavior. We don't use it anywhere on our site.

No cookies

We don't leave any cookies behind in your browser. When you leave our site, the only thing you take with you is your money.

Truly anonymous

For the especially paranoid, we operate a Tor hidden service that you can reach our site on. That way we won't even have your IP address.

Instant exchange

For the majority of transactions, no confirmations are required for your exchange to be completed. Most exchanges are finished in less than a minute. Under certain circumstances, 1 confirmation may be required, but this will still take less than 30 minutes in most cases.